Birmingham Air Quality Indicative Sensors

There are a growing number of indicative air quality sensors that have been deployed across the city by BCC and partner organisations. The map above provides the locations. Currently it is not possible to access the data from this website, please see the map key and weblink (via the map pin or link below) to the platform where the data can be accessed.

Birmingham City Council accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of data presented on third party sites. There are many manufacturers of sensor systems and most do not have formal performance certification for ambient air quality measurements. Most sensors do not provide data that is as accurate as that obtained from a reference analyser, data from which is displayed on the ‘Air Quality’ tab. However they can provide useful information about short term variations in air pollution concentrations at a particular location and can be useful when investigating incidents or trends in air pollution and Birmingham City Council uses the data in this manner. Birmingham City Council does not however at this time use data from sensor systems for formal Local Air Quality Management reporting as required by the Environment Act 1995.
If you wish to install or have installed indicative air quality sensor within the Birmingham district, please contact

Birmingham City Council (BCC) Zephyr Sensors
University of Birmingham (UoB) Zephyr Sensors
Air-Pot Sensors
BT Sensors