Birmingham Real Time Air Quality

Above is an interactive map of the air quality monitoring Stations run by Birmingham City Council. Air pollution is made up of many substances. In Birmingham there are two key pollutants that are harmful to health:

  • Nitrogen Dioxide – a gas caused mostly by road traffic.
  • Particulate Matter - PM10 (very small) and PM2.5 (extremely small) particles that are generated from numerous sources.

The colours on the map show the level of pollution the station is currently reading based on the Air Quality Index. Click on each station on the map to learn more, and use the pollutant drop down menu to change the pollutant type. For more information on the Daily Air Quality Index please click here.

From time to time wind blown pollution from other areas can cause a significant peak. Please click here to see the national air pollution forecast.

Daily air quality index
10 Very High
9 High
6 Moderate
3 Low